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Iron & Ironing Board

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Are you worried about all of those creased clothes after a long journey if your hotel or apartment doesn’t supply irons?

No problem – order one here and we will deliver it to you when you arrive

Already arrived? Call us now and we will deliver to you as soon as possible.

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Iron & Ironing Board

What is Isofix ??

IsoFix is one of the safest systems available for attaching child car seats, guaranteeing protection for your child.

Its outstanding safety benefits and features include: Fast and easy installation and removal – no need for seat belts Solid and permanent connection between the car seat and the car body Instant visual and/or sound warning if the car seat is not installed correctly Proven to be outstandingly safe in tests Superior head and neck protection Will not work loose (as can be the case with seat belt attachment) Much more difficult to fit incorrectly (unlike seat belt attachment) IsoFix is standardised worldwide and was developed in partnership with the automotive industry. Almost all new cars are fitted with the IsoFix system.

The name IsoFix stands for ISO (International Standardisation Organisation) plus ‘Fix’ How does IsoFix work? Simply click your IsoFix-compatible car seat or base into position and secure it to the two IsoFix anchorage points in the car. The Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix (FamilyFix, group 0+/1) is also equipped with a third support leg. The support leg is important as it not only adds stability to the base, but also limits rotation in case of an accident.

Easily in height adjustable, making sure it rests firmly on the car floor. The FamilyFix is the ultimate state-of-the-art Isofix base. The ligth-and-sound LED display on this stylish base rules out any incorrect fitting, ensuring absolute safety. Use our car seat fitting list to see if the car seat of our choice fits your car.


Before booking your car seat with a car hire company please read this Most car hire companys will charge at leat 6€ a day for a carseat . What you will recive is a basic seat that will have in most cases seen better days and will require a seat belt to fasten into the car. All car seats differ from car to the seat may not be suitable for the car you have hired car hire companys want provide you with any fitting instructions . Also they are not allowed to help you with installation of your car seat . Chances are the seat want be fitted properly . With isofix you will have over 70% less chance of the seat being wrongly fitted . Plus all our seats have easy fit instructions .we will be on hand to help with installation and let you know wich is the right seat for your isofix base to connect to plus all our car seats are cleaned and sanitised before every hire